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Virtual Assistant Services

We pride ourselves with our superstar virtual assistants! 

WebDesk Partners offers a variety of virtual assistant services that will definitely help you grow your business.  Our virtual assistants are the cream of the crop and are highly skilled in their fields of expertise. We are committed to giving our 200% best in all the tasks and projects assigned to ensure full satisfaction from our clients and to help you in running your business without the unnecessary stress.

You can assign any task for us with confidence as our virtual assistants have signed NDA’s because we value our clients’ privacy. We can guarantee you that no task will be left undone and we always deliver on time.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Understanding your business is a big part of being a virtual assistant. 

At WebDesk Partners, we go a step further. We provide you with dedicated virtual assistants who work solely on your project to handle calls, customer interaction and queries. 

We understand that the nature of the real estate business is very specialized and requires expertise, and for this reason, our virtual assistants will work exclusively on your project. These professionals who are already well-researched and experienced in the real estate business will provide administrative support to your companies and handle all calls, deal closings, marketing and sales while coordinating your transactions if need be. Our VA’s already know how to work on these programs and can execute tasks like account bookkeeping and all sorts of specialised tasks. However, you can also re-orient them to fit into your specific needs. 

These services come in different packages that allow you flexibility in payment and you can decide which package best fits your business model. You can go monthly, or you can go hourly – your choice. But you can save up to 30% for monthly plans. 

We also give you 5 hours FREE on your initial hire!!

You can cancel anytime. No strings attached. And you can get back your money for the unused hours.

These are some sample tasks your real estate virtual assistant can do for you.

Listing Coordination

Whenever you have new listings, starting the marketing campaign can be time-consuming. That is why your real estate virtual assistant can list your properties on several listing sites and go through your marketing campaign with a breeze. Let them do the hard work for you while you focus on getting more new listings and show properties to your clients.

Online Marketing

Your real estate VA can do all the online marketing for you. From posting your listings on different sites to managing your social media accounts, to preparing the listing videos. All these and more. We do all the marketing in the background while you do the marketing with your prospects face to face.

Client Support

In addition to having excellent English skills, our virtual assistants also have great attitude. They are very patient and friendly that your clients can't help but praise your customer support. They can handle your emails and phone calls to cater to your clients' needs

Cold Calling

Your virtual assistant can call your prospects/leads for you.

Telephone Handling

Your hired VA can handle phone calls for you. Our pool of real estate virtual assistants have excellent speaking and writing English skills. Let them schedule your showings for you and answer calls.

Website/Social Media Management

Let your real estate virtual assistant handle your website and social media accounts. They can post updates and publish several posts to make your social media accounts active and engaging.

Prices Start at $2,160/mo!

Customer Support Virtual Assistant

We also bring you topnotch virtual assistant services that offer you excellent English speaking individuals with impeccable writing skills and a flair for professionalism. Our team of VA’s are experienced, friendly, tech-savvy and are already trained to handle inbound calls, emails and live chat customer interactions.

These services come in different packages that allow you flexibility in payment and you can decide which package best fits your business model. You can go monthly, or you can go hourly – your choice. But you can save up to 30% for monthly plans. Just like in our real estate virtual assistant services, we also give you 

5 hours FREE on your first hire!!

You can cancel anytime. No strings attached. And you can get back your money for the unused hours.

These are some sample tasks your customer service virtual assistant can do for you.

Inbound Calls

Your customer service virtual assistant can handle inbound calls. They are experienced customer service representatives and have encountered different types of customers. Rest assured that your virtual assistant can keep up with the pressure in communicating live with your customer.

Email Handling

Our customer support virtual assistants have excellent English writing skills and are tech-savvy. Let them help you by helping your customers in answering their questions and making them happy with the customer support you provide in your business.

Live Chat

Businesses now have online live chat support on their websites. Your website visitors and customers like to get their answer ASAP. What better to get that than by chatting live with a customer support agent. Your hired customer support VA can man your live chat and answer their queries.

Prices Start at $2,160/mo!

General Administrative Virtual Assistant

We also offer virtual assistants for other general administrative tasks you may have. Unlike with our real estate virtual assistants and customer support VA’s, who will be solely working for you, our general administrative assistant services is a bit different.

How does it work?

Once  you have chosen a bundle according to the number of hours you need, you can start adding tasks. The tasks may be of different kinds – one task may be for article writing, another one for transcription, another one for research, etc.

Different virtual assistants will be working on your tasks according their area of expertise. An expert writer can work on your writing task, while an experienced transcriber can work on your transcription task. Furthermore, they can WORK ON YOUR TASKS SIMULTANEOUSLY – which means faster turn-around time and, take note, done by experts.

The VA’s will track the hours they’ve worked on your task and will be deducted from the hours you bought.

Cool, right?

Our services are versatile and can be tweaked to fit your specific situation.  For other needs you may have, let us know and you can be rest assured that we will get it done.

The bundles have a 3-month expiry period. You can cancel anytime. No strings attached. And you can get back your money for the unused hours. 

Oh! And don’t forget the FREE 5 hours on your initial purchase.

But wait, there’s more! 

Do you want unlimited hours so that everyone in your company can experience the perks of having a virtual assistant? 

We have the ULTIMATE PACKAGE too!! 

This features unlimited hours for unlimited users!!

You will truly get the best out of your money!

These are some sample tasks your general administrative virtual assistant can do for you.

Article Writing


Accounting/ Bookkeeping



Data Entry

Calendar Management

Personal Stuff

General VA's Start at $130!

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Virtual Assistant Services FAQs

Why should I hire virtual assistants from you?

Getting quality and high functioning virtual assistants can be a real hassle and we don’t want you to go through that misery. WebDesk Partners saves you the stress of looking, hiring and training VA’s to work on your tasks as we already have competent and experienced virtual assistants who are not only skilled at the task you require but are professional, courteous and friendly. Our catalogue of VA’s is so comprehensive that all you have to do is get in touch with us on your project brief and proceed to add tasks. It’s that easy!

What tasks can I assign or outsource?

Anything that can be done virtually. Samples of tasks you can assign to your virtual assistant/s are listed above.

How will I know how many hours are left?

Our virtual assistants track their time spent on each task. Or for the real estate VA’s and customer support VA’s, they track their time spent working for you. You will have access to our project management software to see how many hours were spent and how many hours are left.

We also provide you with a running track record of the number of hours spent by the VAs working for you and send them to you weekly or as requested.

Don’t worry, we will notify you when your hours are running low.

What time zone and hours will the VA’s work?

If you have VAs who work solely for you, they will work in your preferred time zone and hours.

For the general administrative virtual assistants, they work anytime, and as soon as the tasks come in.

What if my VA wants a day off?

You are only billed for the hours that your VA works. That means no work, no pay. However, if you would like to give compensation for their vacation days, you may do so.

Do they work during public holidays?

It is really up to you if you want them to work during your holidays. However, sometimes VA’s will ask for some time off during their local public holidays.

What if I don’t like my VA?

Let us know right away and we can replace your VA as soon as possible without additional charges.

What if all my hours are used up before the month ends?

Let us know if you want your VA to continue working or not.

Should you wish to continue, you will be billed $15/hr when your month ends.

Otherwise, we pause the work until your next cycle starts.

That is why we highly recommend choosing a bundle that has more hours than you anticipate to save money and for uninterrupted service.

What do you mean by “personal stuff”?

For example, you want to have dinner at a restaurant. You can ask your VA to reserve a table for you.

Or search for a flower delivery service that can deliver a bouquet of roses to your wife.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Where are your VA’s based?

95% of our virtual assistants and contractors are from the Philippines.

How does your money back guarantee work?

For our virtual assistant services, you will get a refund based on the hours that were not used.

For our website and graphic design services, you will get a full refund if you are not satisfied with our work.

What do you mean by user accounts?

We have a project management system in place where you can keep track of the hours and your projects and add tasks. A user account is an account eligible to log in to our system.

So if you have unlimited user accounts, you can have everyone in your company log in and add tasks.


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