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4 Top Graphic Designers Behind Excellent and Beautiful Designs

Graphic designing is an upcoming business that is continuously growing on a daily basis. All the beautiful colours and excellent designs we see whether it is in logo or buildings have been done by the works of famous graphic designers. If you are looking at becoming a graphic designer then there are some of the top graphic designers whose work you should not miss looking at. Let us list some of them so that you can have a designer that you can look up to.

Graphic designer Chad Michael

Having worked for several agencies as a lead designer, Chad decided to start his own graphic design studio during the year 2014. His specialty is making brand and package designs and you will not be surprised to find that he has worked with companies like Jack Daniels. Your research on his work will be easy given the fact that they are all over publications in famous cities in US.

Top Graphic Designers | Chad Michael | WebDesk Partners

Graphic designer Shane Griffin

Being a top graphic designer is boosted by designing things for famous companies. Having worked with companies like Nike, the Irish designer has gain popularity over time and his fields of work are broad although he mainly concentrates on film and photography field. He also has shares in Sunday Afternoon agency.

Top Graphic Designers | Shane Griffin | WebDesk Partners

Graphic designer Andrew Fairclough

To get a top post in the design industry does not mean you have to read through books and attend college. Andrew has gained the position by teaching himself to design. He is based in Sydney, Australia and he has also worked with companies like Jack Daniels and he has significantly shown his love for art by doing wonderful jobs.

Top Graphic Designers | Andrew Fairclough | WebDesk Partners

Graphic designer Ruslan Khasanov

When it comes to blending colours then Ruslan is very good at the job. Based in Russia, he has worked on many projects including Warm up video which displays how much talent he has when it comes to colours.

Top Graphic Designers | Ruslan Khasanov | WebDesk Partners

Being a graphic designer means that you will have to be as creative as ever. You cannot be creative though if you do not look at the works top graphic designers have done. You just get inspiration by looking up at some of the works.

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